An agent for positive change

  • Our culture is based upon teamwork, open communication, respect and high levels of integrity
  • We believe that integrating Environmental, Social and Governmental considerations into our investment philosophy leads to sustainable long-term value creation for portfolio companies and their stakeholders

  • We have set up the Averna Capital Foundation to drive further impact across a number of areas
  • We aim to support the organisations selected by the Foundation over the long term

  • ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners have offset in excess of 100 million tonnes of carbon for their clients to date with an ambition to reach 1 billion tonnes of carbon saved by 2030
  • Access to 600+ projects diversified across geographies (40+ countries) and technologies
  • Our firm entirely offsets its employees CO2 emissions on an annual basis

Examples of projects supported by ClimateCare & Natural Capital Partners

Efficient cookstoves in Kenya

Reforestation in Brazil

Bamboo reforestation in the Philippines


  • Our portfolio company SI UK maximises career opportunities for over 15,000 students from less developed countries annually, by helping them complete a higher education degree from reputable institutions in the UK, US or Canada
  • Both ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners deliver at scale against all 17 Sustainable Development Goals on behalf of their clients


  • We are committed to ethical business practices and strong corporate governance, which we assist all of our portfolio companies to follow
  • Through our extensive network of sector experts, we are able to strengthen the executive team and bring in the right experience to the boards of our portfolio companies

Organisations supported by the Averna Capital Foundation

Lia's Wings provides air transfer services to new-borns and children in need of emergency medical assitance

The Teenage Cancer Trust provides moral, social and medical assistance to teenagers undergoing cancer treatment